We have one group in Abbotsford, BC that started meeting regularly in September 2014. Our group meets once a month in a relaxed and casual environment, where we can talk about things we are each experiencing.  If you want to find out the next meeting date and time, please click here to send us a message.

We always try to keep it a positive and encouraging time, but also talk through moments that have hurt us.  Being able to talk through our hurts and be completely understood is part of the healing that this group gives.

There is a book that we are reading together, called Hannah’s Hope by Jennifer Saake.  It’s an amazing book written by a woman who, with her husband, has gone through much of what we are going through.  It’s been a great book to base our group on, and while we all read it, we don’t necessarily focus on it every month.  For more information on the book, please see our Resources page.


If you’d like to join our online Facebook support group, have any questions, or would like to get connected to a group, we’d love to hear from you.

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